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Peripheral Neuropathy Patients: The Denver Vitality Health Center Has a Solution For You

Every Day, Patients Silently Suffer From Chronic, Recurrent, or Acute Pain Due to Peripheral Neuropathy.

  • Some patients blame themselves for the pain because of co-morbidity with other health issues.
  • Other patients have sought help multiple times before, and due to the poor quality of medical treatment they have received, they were misdiagnosed many times.
  • Many other patients, overwhelmed by the amount of drugs they are supposed to take, and each drug’s laundry list of side effects, have weighed the pros and cons, and have decided to simply tolerate the pain rather than let treatment take control of their lives.
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These patients have been told that the best situation they can hope for is a life consumed by recurring pain followed by some type of drug to treat the symptoms of this disease, not the cause.
The highly trained, caring staff at the Neuropathy Treatment Center Denver doesn’t believe life has to be like that, and they are excited to let you know that they have a proven, tested solution for you.

ABOUT Treatment

The treatment plan that Dr. Johnston of the Neuropathy Treatment Center Denver offers is multifaceted. It has a beginning, and an end, does not involve medicine, or surgery, and in many cases, is a permanent solution to the pain associated with peripheral neuropathy.


Angiogenesis is the growth of new capillary blood vessels in our bodies. Its important for our health because it is used for healing, but when it is growing too much or too little, scientists believe it can make us very sick.
Therapeutic angiogenesis is the medical process that involves helping our bodies revert back to our normal rate, which has proven to prevent amputations, reverse vision loss and improve general health, and is one component of the treatment.
Monochromatic infrared energy, another component of the treatment, is used for increasing circulation and reducing pain. PEMF therapy is used to address the issue of pain perception. Electromagnetic fields have been used for centuries as pain control, and have been gaining popularity in the medical field recently.
Patients with peripheral neuropathy in general experienced pain relief explicitly due to the magnetic stimulation’s depolarizing effect on neurons. According to one study, one patient was completely free of relief after four of these therapy treatments.